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Delta Holding is the winner of the Main Virtus Award for contribution to philanthropy at the national level. The projects of Delta Foundation which were particularly emphasized are „Third parent“, „Fund for Future“ and donation of the third Delta endowment, sculpture „From There over Here“ to the City of Belgrade
Delta Holding and Delta Foundation, in cooperation with Trag Foundation, have opened a new advertisement for their project “Plantation for Future” with the aim of supporting agricultural development in Serbia. The total of 6 million dinars will be donated to social enterprises in the public advertisement which will be open from 1st February to 23rd February 2018.
Belgrade, 25th January 2018 – Twenty-eight students of agricultural and catering secondary schools were introduced in the business training program “Fund for Future” which has been organized by Delta Foundation for 12 consecutive years.
For Christmas and New Year holidays Delta Holding has organized its fifth humanitarian activity “Santa’s Assistants”. The Company’s employees and their children prepared 103 presents for the children within the project “Third Parent”, as well as their brothers and sisters within the project “Strengthening the Family”.
Company Delta Holding has won two annual awards of the Serbian Association of Mangers in the categories of Socially Responsible Company of the year and the Best Talent Development Program.