“Predah” service successfilly implemented in Delta Holding endowment

28. march 2016.

In the previous year, with the support of Delta Foundation, Association for education and support, provided implementation of the service „Respite to parenthood“ in the endowment of Delta Holding company, Daycare Center „The Sun“ located in Belgrade. 

This service, which consider temporary short - term separation of the children and persons with disabilities from their parents, was used by 29 children and youngsters. Thanks to this service parents are able to get some rest from everyday care for their independent children and to perform various family and professional duties. 

The service strengthens family capacities and the activities within it involve staying the night and prolonged stay of children out of their homes in the adequately equipped space of “Sunce” Centre.

Daycare center „Sun“ is the first endowment of Delta Hodling company, gifted to the city of Belgrade and persons with disabilities in 2012.