Delta third parent - Children from Homes decorated Christmas Trees at the "Continental" Hotel

13. december 2013.

Event of decorating Christmas trees at the Continental hotel was organized this year from 13 to 17 December. Children from homes for children without parental care and and schools for children with disabilities from all over Serbia decorated with their teachers and celebrities Christmas trees with ornaments made by themselves in their workshops. Jury: Ivana Miskovic Karic, Ivan Tasovac, Jelisaveta Bijelic, Olivera Kovacevic and Kiki Lesendric at a ceremony held on 20 December, have chosen the most beautiful decorated Christmas trees and gave gifts to all participants. 

For the most beautiful Christmas tree Jury selected the one decorated by the children from "Milan Petrovic" school from Novi Sad, the second prize was won Christmas tree of children from the SOS Children's Village "Milorad Pavlovic" from Sremska Kamenica, and third prize was won Christmas tree decorated by the children from the Home for children with hearing impairments. All teams participated in the event received the gifts - cameras and sweets, and the first three teams were awarded with computers and sweets.