Education on modern fruit growing and the protection of plants

15. january 2019.

Delta Agrar experts gave a lecture today to the locals of Dubočane and Mala Jasikova villages on how to organize modern strawberry growing and how to protect quince plants from disease. This morning, they were demonstrated how to perform pruning. These educational exercises are a part of the project „Our Village“, which was initiated by Delta Holding with the aim to modernize the production and improve the living conditions in these two villages of the Zaječar area.

The lecture took place in the hall of the local community of Mala Jasikova, which was reconstructed by Delta Foundation and the company Square Affaire Ceramic Kanjiža, which donated ceramic tiles to this purpose. The purpose of the reconstruction was to provide conditions, i.e. clean and warm premises where the locals can attend projections and lectures on modern agricultural production.

The purpose of the project „Our Village“ is to modernize agricultural production in Dubočane and Mala Jasikova, as well as to improve cultural and social life in these two villages. This project aims to demonstrate that the quality of life in Serbian villages can be raised to the level of villages in the developed European countries.

About fifty agricultural producers from the two villages, who had applied to take part in this project, visited Delta Agrar properties in Čelarevo and Stara Pazova in December 2018, where they were introduced to state-of-the-art fruit production and dairy cow breeding. In late December, Cooperative Union gave a lecture on the possible methods of association of agricultural producers.

Just before the New Year, Delta Foundation organized the first theatre play for the children of these two villages, and the little ones received New Year presents collected by the employees of Delta Holding member companies.

In the following stages of the initiative, individual business plans will be developed for each and every household included in Delta project, which is a precondition for the future change of work methods and agricultural production in this part of Serbia.

The project „Our Village“ is also supported by Erste Bank and the local authorities of the city of Zaječar.