Finally in the reconstructed house

29. august 2014.

Yesterday was a really special and unforgettable day for our colleague Sanja Mađerčić from Delta Sport. She moved into her reconstructed house in Obrenovac which was hit by May floods. This is the first person to have moved back home within the action of helping Delta holding employees. The company will renovate the total of 14 and buy two new houses for our colleagues whose homes were damaged beyond repair.Our Obrenovac colleagues whose houses are still under reconstruction and Delta Foundation representatives were there to share Sanja’s happiness and relief. The encounter went in joyful atmosphere with ample food served by the hosts.

The reconstruction of our colleagues’ houses in Obrenovac, Jagodina and Kolari began mid-July and we expect that all employees with their families will move to their new or renovated houses by the middle of September.