Ninth Anniversary Celebration

Ninth Anniversary Celebration

07. november 2016.

Nine years ago Delta Holding etsablished Delta Foundation. By our setting we became the first corporate foundation of one domestic company.

In the past nine years we have tried to give our help and support to the most endangered ones, that such help and support are long-term and contribute to the resolving of the biggest problems our country is facing. Our wish is to help the most vulnerable people, to see their smiling faces and prove that we are with them when they need us most.

In the past nine years we have carried out 3,242 humanitarian actions. We have invested 36 million euros in the social community development while our support and aid reached one in ten people in Serbia. We have built two endowments in Belgrade and Kragujevac, renovated 53 houses after last year’s floods in Obrenovac, Jagodina and Kolari, furnished day care centres for persons with disabilities, educated and schooled children without parental care. The latest great action we supported was the Guinness record set by Goran Nikolic, our long-standing friend and associate, who ran 55 marathons in 55 days.

We encourage and motivate Delta Holding employees to participate in humanitarian actions. “I run for butterfly children”, “Santa Claus’s assistants” and “Third Parent” are some of the actions we have created on our own and they are supported by the employees through their personal involvement.