Santa Claus in “Our village”

Santa Claus in “Our village”

27. december 2018.

For the first time in villages Mala Jasikova and Dubocane a New Year show for the youngest ones was organized. Theater show and distribution of presents was just another activity within Delta Holding’s project “Our village”.

In the local culture center in Mala Jasikova, national theater „Zoran Radmilovic“ from Zajecar performed a show „The New Year case of a small wizard Lily“. After the show, 79 kids from these villages received Christmas presents. Delta Holding’s employees prepared the presents for them in the action „Santa Clause’s helpers“ within which every year, they prepare presents for a selected group of kids.

New Year celebration is a part of „Our village“ project which has a goal to modernize agricultural production in two Zajecar villages and to also raise the level of social and cultural life there. „Our village“ project bagun with the education about modern agricultural production. People from Mala Jasikova and Dubocane first visited Delta’s estates in Celarevo and Stara Pazova, and this week they attended the first lecture in Mala Jasikova.

Next activities within the „Our village“ project include educations about moden agricultural production, finance options and applying for adequate funding oportunities and other relevant questions. Currently, the individual development plans for all families within the project are under development, so that they can be prepared for the upcoming agricultural season.