Sculpture “From There over Here” as a present to the City of Belgrade

06. december 2017.

Delta Foundation has presented the City of Belgrade a sculpture “From There over Here” which will decorate the pedestrian passageway from Kalemegdan to the Sava Pier. The representatives of the City of Belgrade, Delta Holding and Delta Foundation, as well as Mrđan Bajić , a one of the authors of this work of art, were present at the handover ceremony.

“This sculpture is symbolic in multiple ways. Its very location is the place where the history of this city and of entire Serbia was written. Its name “From There over Here” and its authors from Great Britain and Serbia symbolize the connecting of cultures and generations. The fact that it is the present of Company Delta Holding symbolizes the great revival of endowment as unique Serbian tradition. That was the reason why we established Delta Foundation”, said Marija Desivojević Cvetković, Delta Holding Senior Vice President for Strategy and Development.

Sculpture “From There over Here” consists of two parts. The upper part is the work of Richard Deacon; it was made of stainless steel and transported from England. The other cast aluminum part was made by Mrđan Bajić in Serbia. Both parts weigh about 5 tons and are almost 7 meters high.

“As far as I know, this is the largest private capital donation ever made in the field of visual art. I am glad if this is opening a path for other projects and other authors. After a long period of time this is also the first work in the field of contemporary visual art which has got full visibility in this city”, said Mrđan Bajić, one of the authors of the sculpture.
“I would like to thank Delta Foundation for recognizing the significance of this sculpture and donating the money for its completion. I would also like to thank Mr. Bajić and Mr. Deacon for the time invested in this work of art, as well as Mr. Folić and those who have contributed to changes in Belgrade. Someone may think that this is a small sculpture but it is a great message. Belgrade is becoming recognizable and a true world metropolis. We will leave more beautiful and better Belgrade to future generations”, said Mayor of Belgrade Siniša Mali.

Delta Foundation is Delta Holding corporate foundation and this year it has marked its 10th anniversary. One of the goals of establishing the Foundation was to revive the endowment tradition in Serbia. In 2012 the Foundation gave its first endowment as a present to Belgrade – “Sunce” Day Care Centre for persons with disabilities. In 2016 it gave another present to the City of Kragujevac – unique “Iskra” Centre for sport and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.

The sculpture “From There over Here” is the third Delta Holding endowment.


Donation of sculpture "From There Over Here" Belgrade, 2017.