Strenghtening the Family - Results of Project

01. december 2014.

Project “Strenghtening the Family” was initiated by the Children Village from Sremska Kamenica in 2012 in cooperation with organization SOS Kinderdorf International. In 2013 Delta Foundation joined this project through its financial support. The most important objective of the project is to stop accommodating children in the social protection institutions and to strengthen biological families not only economically but in psychological, social, health and legal aspects as well. The families involved in the project cooperate with social workers who monitor their progress and help them to strengthen themselves to the point of self-sustainability.

Since the beginning of the project as many as 107 families with 218 children have received the package of these services. Eleven families have reached self-sustainability while 7 families are getting ready to continue their development process without the aid of social workers.

The members of 14 families, who have also finished various courses in the course of the project, have been bought the material for establishing their private businesses. In that manner they will be able to provide their families with the economic income necessary for normal growth and development of their children.